08 June 2009

Brown: I want a pledge of loyalty

Jane Kennedy, the environment minister, resigns refusing to give one.

How many more ministers will refuse to give the pledge and therefore resign?

UPDATE: Kennedy has given an interview on Sky:

I was unable to give that assurance because I've been unhappy for some time about smears against colleagues, about the undermining of colleagues and friends orchestrated by Number 10 and it's kind of politics that I've fought against all my life and I can't support it.

Asked if she was felt it was Gordon Brown or his aides who were responsible, she said: "I can't distinguish between the two and in my view it is how politics is driven forward by Gordon and the people around him and it really gets me very angry when I see that type of behaviour"

Even without McBride the bullying and smearing of Labour MPs continues.  Any yet, nobody is prepared to stand up to the failed prime minister.

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