05 June 2009

More from Labour MPs

While Downing Street spins the reshuffle, more views from Labour MPs.

Paul Flynn on his blog:

There is now a wide coalition of MPs from all wings of the Labour Party who are sadly convinced that a change of leadership in now unavoidable. It is hoped that Gordon will accept the will of the PLP and agree to a swift orderly exit.

The Labour Party has always been reluctant to drop leaders. The Tories brutally dumped Thatcher. But Labour clung on to Michael Foot in 1983 even though Dennis Healey would have been an electoral asset to us. For the sake of the millions who benefit from the work of the Labour Party in Government we must select a new national leader.

Barry Sheerman:

There is a flavour that strikes me as unpleasant.

There is a team that briefs against other Ministers. I don’t like that atmosphere that seems to pervade No 10.

I came into the Labour Party as the party of fraternity.

If the Cabinet are going to bullied by Brown and will not stand by him, then it will be up to backbench Labour MPs to tell Brown to go.

Don’t forget the local election results are still to come and the early indications Labour will lose more than 300 seats.

Brown is really burying himself in the the No10 bunker.

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