08 June 2009

Labour humiliated in Wales

The Tories have topped the poll in Wales with 145,193 votes to Labour's 138,852. Plaid Cymru are third on 126,702. The three parties get an MEP each. Labour are down 12 points, the Conservatives up two and Paid up one. UKIP are also up one while the Lib Dems are unchanged.

Professor John Curtice says:

This is the first time that the Labour Party have failed to come first in a nationwide election in Wales since 1918. Perhaps no other result could summarise how disappointing a result this has been for Labour tonight.

And this cutting comment from Daniel Finkelstein:

I think this is a great personal victory for Michael Foot this evening.  He has emerged as not the biggest loser in Labour's history.

A truly staggering result.  This fundamentally changes the dynamics of whether Brown will be overthrown.

Note. Labour are saying their national share of the vote will be 16% and they are less confident about coming third.

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