02 June 2009

Is this the day Brown finally lost control of events?

Oh dear.  Are there an unbroken Nokia phones left inside the Brown bunker?

1. Sky have the news that Jacqui Smith will resign as Home Secretary and leave the Cabinet.  A totally unprecedented announcement ahead of a reshuffle;

2. Three Labour MPs, David Chaytor, Patricia Hewitt and Beverley Hughes, have announced they will stand down at the next election;

3. It has been announced that the Prince of Wales will represent the Queen at the D-Day commemorations in Normandy.  The Telegraph is reporting:

“It is a diplomatic shambles,” said one Whitehall source. “It has put the Queen in an impossible position.”

Only hours ago a Downing Street spokesman said: “As the palace have said, they are content with the current arrangements and as the Prime Minister said... should the Queen or any other member of the Royal Family wish to attend we would of course do everything possible to make that happen.

The fact it took the involvement of President Obama will increase the pressure on Downing Street to explain why it had not pressed the French for the Royal family to be involved.

I trust HMQ has Alan Johnson’s phone number!

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