07 June 2009

Falconer: A new leader is required

Following his earlier interview calling Brown to go, Charlie Falconer has a piece in The Times:

The Labour Party is disunited. The events surrounding the Cabinet reshuffle over the past few days could not have illustrated that more graphically. As a result we are weakened and distracted, facing the twin crises of the economy and the reduction in public trust in our parliamentary system.

My view is that the painful step of changing our leader, a leader who has given his life to the Labour Party and to public service, would be best for the party and the country. The choice is for the Prime Minister and the party. I believe that if we change, then we would go into the next election, whenever it was, so much stronger.

On the style of leadership needed:

It requires humility and the ability to change fundamentally in the eyes of a public fed up with and distrusting of the political class. It requires leadership different in type and culture from that which has gone before: more openness; a greater willingness to rely on a wider range of people; more explanation - as well as being focused on and frank about the economy.

In conclusion:

It needs the leader to be the driver and the agent of very big change. This needs highly developed leadership skills. Gordon Brown has not displayed those skills.

I wonder if Blair has given his blessing for his close friend speak out?

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