05 February 2010

The latest revelations about Brown’s little ways

We will have to refer to this book as ‘the forerunner’ to Andrew Rawnsley’s bombshell.  With precision timing the Indy has these little nuggets, taken from Lance Price’s contribution to the pre-election ‘Are we sure it should be Gordon’ debate:

A Downing Street advisor on how Brown dealt with MPs’ expenses:

Prime Minister went into "a furious sulk for 13 hours" when the story broke, and "behaved as if the only story that mattered was the one about himself".

A confidante of Mr Brown says:

He is psychologically and emotionally incapable of leadership of any kind.

One insider on the atmosphere in Downing Street:

….isn't a very nice place for people to work. However bad it sometimes seems from the outside, it's far, far worse from the inside.

Price said this at the book launch:

Whenever there was a crisis – and the expenses scandal is the perfect example – he was obsessed with saving his own skin, not with facing up to the threat to the reputation of Parliament. David Cameron was able to exploit that to his own advantage even though Tory MPs were every bit as guilty as Labour ones.

First we had Peter Watt, now this.  There is more to come, much more,  Rawnsley and Brown’s appearance in front of Chilcot.  Before all that, there is the vote on the electoral system in the Commons next week.

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