20 February 2010

Utter nonsense from Tim Montgomerie

Sometimes you read a blog post that takes your breath away or you are left wondering whether insanity has set in.

Tim Montgomerie has a post up this morning pleading with Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail, to support the Tory cause.  Here are a few tasters:

But what about The Mail? Alongside The Guardian it is Britain's most important newspaper. If The Guardian is the newspaper of the ideas class, The Mail is the roar of middle England.

Good grief.

We move on:

In the blue corner you have the party of IDS and marriage. In the red corner you have the party of Ed Balls and political correctness.

Dream on.  If we are going to vote for IDS’s ideas, Labour will win by a landslide, even under Gordon Brown.

Just one more:

In the blue corner you have the party with ambitions to cut inheritance tax, corporation tax, family tax and freeze council tax. In the red corner you have the party of 100 tax rises.

The Tory outriders just don’t get it.  It will be tax rises all the way whoever wins the election.

Montgomerie needs to ask himself why Cameron hasn't ‘sealed the deal’ with the electorate and put the result beyond doubt.

His post is just pompous piffle.

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  1. The Mail is the guilty pleasure of the middle classes, an opportunity to wallow in a mudbath of sleaze, tittle-tattle and paranoia. Tim Montgomerie should not take it too seriously. Like most newspapers, it will follow the agenda rather than set it.

    The problem about 'sealing the deal' is not a Cameron problem, it is a politics problem. People will be holding their noses as they vote, whatever the party.

  2. Agreed. Montgomerie is a real problem for Cameron. A man with little judgement.