27 February 2010

A new Tory poster for the Westminster village


Will this be understood down at The Dog & Duck?

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  1. If that really is a Conservative 'poster' I am even more glad that I've refused the offer to renew my membership.

    If I weren't so old I'd emigrate.

  2. Sure, if it's a one-day wonder it won't drive the point home. But provided it's part of a sustained campaign to put the focus on Labour's dysfunctionality, incompetence and dishonesty, what's not to like? It's simple, punchy and slick.

    You seem obsessed with demanding perfection from the Conservatives, while never really saying what you think that involves. Yet you are content to let Labour get away with anything and everything.

    Please, stop and think what you are actually helping to achieve: 5 more years of Gordon. Is that really what you want?

  3. Smell the Coffee says it all Howard. If you are supposed to be a right of centre blogger why do you spend all your time knocking the Conservatives?

  4. As a poster, it's a cut above their previous efforts.

    In response to the comments above, I think it is a misconception of the right that Gordon Brown is unpopular. As a swing voter, I feel no particular animosity toward Brown, likewise I feel no contempt for Cameron. I am probably completely wrong on this, but I think the likeability ratings between the two have converged to within single digits in recent weeks.

    The Conservatives won't get my vote simply on the back of "more Gordon?". What they will get my vote on is preventing 5 years of Major-style division and ineffectiveness. The tories have to prove they can govern too.

  5. Responding to Charles, I completely agree that the Conservatives should put forward a positive and realistic case for people to vote for them and can't just rely on an anti-Labour message. That shouldn't mean they can't challenge Labour's record, of course - it's important to do both.

    Today we heard the Conservatives outline 6 themes for the coming election. I guess we can all think of things we'd like to be slighly different about them, but on the whole they seem very positive and constructive and
    ought to help show that they are focussing on things which matter to many people.

    The knee-jerk reactions from Labour and some commentators are predictable, if depressing - see the Indy front page. But what I find so frustrating is the number of people who claim to be right-of-centre, yet endlessly criticise whatever the Conservatives do while apparently letting Labour get away with anything.

  6. Folks,

    Thanks for all your comments. YouGov have saved me from answering the points.

    Ted, You can make the assumption I am a right of centre blogger, I couldn't possibly comment.

    It is Dale's category, not mine.