10 February 2010

PMQs: The shadow of Michael Ashcroft

There is little point concentrating on the ping-pong between Brown, who refused to answer the questions and Cameron, who was everything but a Prime Minister-in-Waiting.

The remark that overhangs PMQs was made by Brown about Michael Ashcroft:

The Conservative party cannot talk about new politics and transparency unless they answer the central question: the tax status of their chief fundraiser, Lord Ashcroft. And the information commissioner has already said they been evasive and obfuscatory. That's the Conservative party, about the Ashcroft scandal. They have questions they have to answer.

It was interesting to observe the stony faces on the Tory front bench when Brown answered the planted question.

As discussed earlier, Cameron doesn't have a strategy for dealing with this, which leaves him exposed.

What is certain is that Brown, with the assistance of Alastair Campbell, will not let the matter rest.

Cameron would be well advised to tackle the ‘Ashcroft question’ head on.

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  1. Is it not possible that Cameron's strategy to deal with this is to let Labour expend effort on this and reveal at the last moment that he has been resident all along? What about Lord Paul?

  2. That had occurred to to me, but why would Cameron want this story to hang over him. There is no logic in this.

    If Cameron is thinking on the lines you suggest, he is being too clever by half.