09 February 2010

Oops! Another Cameron fail


But, Andy Burnham said this morning:

The Guardian story suggests a £20,000 flat levy. I'm not currently considering that as a lead option for reform.

The Tory campaign is becoming sloppy and has all the hallmarks of going horribly wrong.

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  1. I'm not currently considering.......

    There's always the chance that an election win might change that?

  2. The Tories have deliberately avoided ideology lest they frighten the horses. Without ideology any political party is rudderless. Cameron is potentially about to take over the tiller and they find they haven't got a rudder.

    "Pathetic, that's what it is, pathetic." said Eyeore gloomily. (Ht Lewis C.)

  3. I wish you well for your intermission!

    I still believe these are minor teacup-storms. In fact, like a vaccination, the Tories might even benefit from inoculation against election campaign cock-ups.

    The polls are relatively static and there are no game-changing moments on the horizon. Brown may implode at Chilcot but the impact will be time-limited.

    Two reasons for Conservative comfort:

    1. The polls slide when Cameron loses visibility. Given the reverse of the rule, this is encouraging.

    2. These cock-ups occur when the Conservative party is dragged into the limelight, like a rusty plough following the harvest. This is inevitable and will happen daily and nationwide during the election campaign. Experience should provide the necessary oil. By contrast, Labour at the moment is Downing Street. Even allowing for special advisers joining the campaign, Labour's efforts will be down to the grassroots and the party. That will make Cameron's Conservatives appear a model of cohesion and communication.

    Be relaxed, but cautious.