24 February 2010

McBride: It wasn't me, guv

Following Darling’s outburst and that book, Damian McBride has given an overlong interview to Newsnight.  He denies everything (well he would, wouldn't he) before concluding:

But then again, I've only got myself to blame that Rawnsley wouldn't bother checking things with me. Because of what happened last April people will say he deserves everything he gets, who cares what he thinks, and they'll believe anything that's written about me.

I only have myself to blame for that, but if you sit there and read things that are wrong, you still feel a bit aggrieved, and when I get The Sun turning up at my school today and turning up at my mum's house on the back of what Alistair said, of course you're a bit pissed off 'cos you think I've paid a big price for what I did, I'm trying to get on with my life and yet I'm still being accused of things I didn't do.

Another person who needs some advice.

McBride’s response should have been: “No comment”.

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