23 February 2010

Two polls, with the correct figures, that bring relief to Brown

The pre-temper tantrum poll:

CON 37%(-2), LAB 30%(nc), LDEM 20%(nc)

Now we come to the second poll, which has caused Mike Smithson, and one or two others, much heartache overnight.  The original published figures were wrong or was a deliberate leak.

Anyway, here is the first post-temper tantrum daily tracker poll, with the correct figures:

CON 39%(nc), LAB 33%(nc), LDEM 17%(nc)

The figures speak for themselves.  Rawnsley’s allegations are having no effect.

Tom Clarke’s analysis of the pre-temper tantrum poll is important.  However, it makes you wonder if Brown has made the right call about a March poll.

We do need to know what is going on in those marginal seats.  With luck we should find out at the end of next week.

Hopefully, the published figures of that poll will be correct.  Mike Smithson will then be able to get a good nights sleep.

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