15 February 2010

Oops, Oops, Oops, Oops and Oops: Cameron’s Brown Monday

If you want a detailed analysis on Brown’s hour long (actually 46 mins) image transformation broadcast look away now.  What matters is what happens to the polls.  For that we will have to wait a few days.  We move on.

We need to concentrate on the ever deepening hole that the Tory party are continuing to dig for themselves:

Exhibit A – This comes in the form of basic arithmetic.  The Government-in-awaiting have launched a document, called Labour's Two Nations:

The figures said that 54.32 per 1000 women aged 15-17 years old fell pregnant, which becomes 5.4%, not the 54% the Tories had arrived at.

Ed Balls, not a person slow in coming forward, said:

They are so out of touch with family life in Britain, that they believe over half of teenage girls in the poorest areas fall pregnant.

Exhibit B – Michael Gove popped up on Marr (the BBC’s equivalent to Piers Morgan), where honesty got the better of him over the discontent within the Tory party:

Yes, there's rumbling and grumbling, but that's because we've modernised. This party is now the progressive force in British politics.

He doesn't leave it there, but ploughs on to offend the party’s grassroots.:

When you have any modernisation of any party, you will always find that there are one or two backwoodsmen who will grumble in the undergrowth.

Exhibit C – The Joanne Cash affair rumbles on:

Prominent figures in the local association expressed dismay over the “high-handed behaviour” of Conservative headquarters. One said that she would “find it extremely difficult” to vote for Ms Cash at the next election.

Exhibit D – Down in deepest Surrey, a Tory councillor is far from happy with the shortlist that was drawn up by Team Cameron:

I'm sure they are all eminently able candidates, but some of these people have been parachuted in from out of the area. We have a black candidate, a gay candidate.

I'm not remotely homophobic. It's not a reflection on their abilities or personalities but you have to ask if people are there just to tick boxes. It's not about what's best for the party in East Surrey, it's about what the party wants.

Exhibit EProof that a few activists were bussed in to pose as students for Cameron’s speech about ‘rebuilding trust in politics’.

These little local difficulties all add up to provide an unwelcome diversion for Cameron, when he should be concentrating his efforts on the Labour party.

With the Tory party firmly on the back foot, you have to wonder if Brown will pluck up the courage and go for a March election.

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  1. Cameron, like Blair, is the triumph of presentation over substance.

  2. Hmmm. At the moment Cameron is failing on both counts.