13 February 2010

Ken Clarke: A 10% margin is “bunkum” and some sound advice for Cameron

In his interview in today’s Times, Ken Clarke makes a couple of important points.  First, he deals with the polls:

Nothing is panicking me. I’ve never known opinion polls to be so stable. For six months they have not significantly moved. I would much rather not have a hung parliament but I don’t think we have to win by 10 per cent to get an overall majority, that’s bunkum.

Then, with the “We know what's best for Dave gang” still at it with their advice, Clarke sends a message to them and to his leader:

David Cameron must, he warns, ignore right-wingers urging him to show voters before the election how painful it will be to cut the deficit. “It’s partly [that you don’t want to scare the electorate] but also when I was doing budgets I didn’t do it by a process of public debate. I was always wary about consulting.

Clarke is a substantial figure, popular in the country, who has been under-utilised in recent weeks.  Cameron should give him a higher profile, not least because he gets under Mandy’s skin.  He will also bring authority and credibility to the Tory party’s election campaign, providing he stays on message.

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1 comment:

  1. Clarke is right about the polls and his experience should be welcome. There is no need to panic. This gap is a sound basis for kicking off a general election campaign and minor fluctuations are of little relevance.

    When Parliament is dissolved, Brown will no longer be able to call on No 10, even if the Spads leave their desks and join him. It will be down to the party, and the party has never been in such a disastrous state, particularly given the marked contrast with the Conservative party.