25 February 2010

The terror of Brown’s ways

A Times online reader’s response (re Gordon Brown and bullying):

It’s not the reign of terror that bothers me. It’s the reign of error.


Hat tip: Matthew Parris

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  1. I don't know who originated this, but last Sunday Iain Dale featured an artist (Louis Sidoli) who used the same line here:


  2. I know, which I took great exception to. See earlier post.

    That is why I blogged this, because it is funny. Dale's post was just nasty.

  3. We-e-e-e-ll, nasty-ish, although I tend to agree with him that it's curious that people get a fit of the vapours about rendering Brown as the late Mr. Hitler, when comparable (if not far worse) mash-ups have been - and undoubtedly will be - done, about him and other politicians.

    The (occasionally) funny and the (often) crude fake-ups on the mydavidcameron and mylabourposter sites are just a gentle intro to the savagery which will be unleashed as soon as the phony war is over, and the campaigns start in earnest.