23 February 2010

Christine Pratt and David Cameron versus Goliath

You have to ask what Christine Pratt, not a women with a clean bill of health, thought she was doing.  The breaching of the confidential information was one thing, but getting involved in the little game of politics is quite another.  Didn't the lady realise that she was going to run straight into the arms of Peter Mandelson.  Perhaps not.

Politics is for grown ups and hopefully Mrs Pratt has learnt a very important lesson.  Don’t mess with those who know how to smother people, especially if you can’t get your facts straight and your story keeps changing.

This also applies to David Cameron, who has made rather a mess of things recently for the same reasons.

The Labour party has a well oiled and very experienced election machine.  The slightest slip from anyone who gets in its way as to motors along and that’s it.

Mandelson is cruising on auto-pilot at the moment, but when he gets going, with Alastair Campbell in the passenger seat, Team Cameron should look out.

The two of them are in the business of politics to win.  Their election machine is built to Rolls Royce specifications.

David Cameron should treat Mrs Platt as a case study in how not to do it.

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