16 February 2010

Posters, Twitter, an unhappy cabinet secretary and a few adverts

There are the posters and spoofs.  Then there is Twitter, which has caused a few problems for a Labour whip, and is still rumbling on. Now we have Sir Gus O'Donnell, the cabinet secretary, who is most upset with all matters Labour:

Labour has been forced to rewrite part of its website under pressure from the cabinet secretary over accusations it "hijacked" government policy to ­promote the party.

The party radically changed references to Backing Young Britain, the jobs for under-25s policy, on its website after Gus O'Donnell cited civil service rules that stop political parties using government programmes to promote themselves.

Finally, at a time when the nation has no money, a little too much of the stuff has been spent on advertising:

It emerged that government spending on advertising had leapt by 40% to £253m in the past year.

This is hardly a unique development in the year running up to an election.  However, the small matters of posters being mocked on the internet and derogatory tweets will be a first for Election 2010.

As we are being forced to live under the cloud of showbiz politics, the election has all the hallmarks of becoming a parody of itself.

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