16 February 2010

Labour’s dream team: Miliband and Purnell

Following on from the news that David Miliband is not spending all his time worrying about far away countries of which we know little, up pops James Purnell.

Last night Purnell, who had the courage to quit over Gordon Brown’s leadership, gave a speech at the LSE:

The Conservatives' desire to present themselves as progressives is a massive act of flattery to the Labour Party and demonstrates that the centre of gravity in British politics has been shifted to the left.

This should give Labour strategic confidence as it approaches an election it should, given the circumstances, win.

All very well, but Brown is still there, so Purnell is hardly convincing on his last point.

What he is doing, of course, is setting his stall for the post-election world when Labour has to make that all important leadership change.

As the Guardian noted yesterday:

Miliband is backing a more radical constitutional reform programme, and has a close ally in James Purnell, who last week rebelled against his own party to vote with the Lib Dems on electoral reform.

Labour’s post–election leadership team is not-so-quietly falling into place.

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