21 February 2010

Iain Dale’s error of judgement

For reasons best known to him, Iain Dale decided to post pictures of Gordon Brown and Hitler that had been sent to him by an artist, who made a direct comparison between the two.

There is no evidence to suggest that Gordon Brown is anti-Semitic or resembles Hitler in any way whatsoever.

Dale made no comment on the original post, but as the post went out under his name, this infers he approves of the comparison made.  Moreover, he is responsible for what is posted on his blog

After receiving many unfavourable comments, he updated the post.  This not good enough.

Dale is one of the leading political bloggers with a high media profile.  It is an error of judgement that he has chosen to associate himself with this artist.

To compare the Prime Minister with Adolf Hitler is, at the very least, repugnant.

We all enjoy having a rigorous debate and the rough and tumble of politics, but not when it sinks to this level.

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  1. You sound just like that old woman Iain Dale at his unctuous worst.

  2. To be fair, though, Hitler was a pretty nasty work. He can hardly claim the moral high ground because someone had the temerity to compare him to Colostomy Brown.

  3. Well, he might have screwed up his chances of finding a Tory candidacy anywhere!

    I don't have a real problem with the image or the concept, although agree it is an error of judgement for a potential MP to promote this.

    In fact, I was musing over the concept of a photomontage fusing Blair, Brown, Hitler a day or two ago, when out for a walk. I'm not an artist (and not a potential PPC either!) but there is something compelling about the extremes of power and personality.

    The idea was a Warholesque image showing rows of images of Hitler's face morphing into a Blair/Hitler split on one side then morphing into Brown/Hitler split on the other side.

    The concept was the notion of Hitler as the charismatic mesmeriser of the German people, and Hitler as the raging incoherent personality towards the end of the war. A commentary on the dangers of charisma and ambition politics, and a reminder that Hitler was as human as Blair, Brown, Cameron, Thatcher, Bush, Obama or any of us - rather than some inexplicable aberration. This is perhaps a necessary reminder, given the expediency with which some of our leaders have viewed supposedly absolute human rights and the laws of armed conflict.

  4. Jess, We all know about Brown's little ways. The McBride episode in particular. However, we are about to go into an election that could well turn very nasty, especially if the polls remain as they are and Labour heads for defeat.

    I made a comparison on an earlier post comparing Brown with Eden, which I believe to be fairly accurate. Their political paths and personalities are very similar. Both were successful until they became PM.

    But to compare Brown with Hitler is just ludicrous.

  5. I didn't compare Brown to Hitler. The artist did. I reported the fct that he had created the images. I did not endorse them.

    No one complained when Cable compared him to Stalin. They thought it was funny. Stalin killed 20 million people.

  6. I do hope Iain wasn't making comparisons there. I think Hitler would be deeply insulted to be compared with the Prime Mentalist...

  7. Hmm....I didn't see Hitler pushing any secretaries away from typewriters in the film Downfall, or throwing Bakelite telephones against the wall....Red Army on the offensive is a far worse than the Red-tops being offensive.

    I'll defend Iain Dale's right to cover this on his blog, but question whether it is wise for someone with a high media profile as a commentator, seeking a PPC, to do so at this time. McBride etc will be over it due to his high profile, rather than leaving a more obscure PPC alone.

    Could be worse, it could be the Chapman Brothers or Gilbert and George doing something with a 'Brown' theme....the mind boggles!

  8. Iain,

    The comparison to Cable is irrelevant. Cable meant it as a joke, which as you say was funny. Your post was anything but funny.

    I am sorry if you can't see that.

  9. At least Hitler managed to win an election.