09 February 2010

David Cameron loves the Alternative Vote

Oh, such fun.

It has come to the attention of Michael Crick, via Campaign for Conservative Democracy, that “the Tories actually use a similar preferential voting system, a variation on AV, for all their candidate selections and elections of party leaders”.

As Crick explains:

If the Conservatives had used "first past the post" in 2005, then David Davis would have won.

Standby for some fun at PMQs tomorrow.

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  1. Your comparing apples with pears: Selecting a single person is a tad different than electing 650 of them to form the largest party. AV would mean larger majorities and less opposition.

    GB has realised that most LDs would choose Labour as their second choice, hence giving them a distinct advantage.

  2. With respect, I know that. This is politics old son and there is an election on.

  3. Ha Ha! Brown will love that fact and hammer it relentlessly if he has any sense at all. Fireworks are a coming.