22 February 2010

Urgently required: Cameron needs some new advisors

David Cameron has said this:

These are very serious matters and I am sure Number 10 will want to have some sort of inquiry.

He suggested that the Prime Minister's independent advisor on ministerial standards, Sir Philip Mawer should look into it.

He described the episode as "another unseemly mess at the fag end of a government that is tired and discredited" and said it was "just another reason why we need a general election."

As discussed earlier, Cameron should not get involved.

Similar advice comes from Jonathan Isaby:

David Cameron should avoid getting involved in the row. There are plenty in the media, the blogosphere and on the Tory backbenches who can comment and ask awkward questions of the Prime Minister on this subject. But the Tory leader should resist any calls for him to go on the offensive.

Well, he just has and it is a huge tactical error.

Cameron should be sitting above the fray and demonstrate he is the Prime Minister-in-waiting

These allegations are Labour's problem, not his.

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  1. >These allegations are Labour's problem, not his.

    Maybe, but the Labour party have proven time after time that they dont have the balls to deal with the problem, which is why he is still in number 10.

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