18 February 2010

The latest poll: Now it’s foxes to the rescue

The unbearable wait is over.  The Sun publishes the first definitive poll since that interview:

CON 39%(+1), LAB 30%(-1), LDEM 18% (-1)

Therefore, we have confirmation that all of Alastair Campbell’s hard work has not done the trick.  Labour are stuck at around 30%.

PoliticalBetting looks behind the headline figures:

Putting these shares into the Andy Cooke calculator we get a projection of CON348-359: LAB206-216: LD47-56 commons seats with a 100% probability that there would be a Tory majority.

There is no giving up as far as Brown is concerned.  Hillary Benn (poor chap) is sent into bat to highlight Our Dear Leader’s latest dividing line; fox hunting.

This time we won’t have to wait long for an indication as to whether this little wheeze will work.  The Sun, as part of the service to its loyal readers, is to produce a daily tracking poll between now and the election.

At the end of the day, Brown is left none the wiser about the decision he has to take this weekend.  It will be a high risk strategy to go for a March poll without any positive movement in the polls, but the option is still there.

You can’t rule anything out as far as James Gordon Brown is concerned.

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