17 February 2010

Forget the economy, showbiz politics is much more fun

Asking economists to agree on anything is normally a bridge too far, but twenty of them achieved this in a letter to the Sunday Times.  Endorsing the Tory position, these leading lights said cuts should start in 2010-11.

Richard Branson, no economist, but rather good at the public relations side of running a business and never one to miss out on the main chance, then pops up to back Team Cameron on when the cutting should start.

Meanwhile, FT Westminster reports that we can expect a further letter from another group of economists that will back the Brown position on cuts.  This bombshell has yet to be published.

While all this is unfolding, Messrs. Nelson and Finkelstein are having there own little debate about what the Tories should do when Cameron walks into Downing Street.  It’s all fascinating stuff, best summed by Finkelstein’s comment:

They actually have to win an election and really govern. They have to grapple with the complexity. They are a party seeking government not simply the paramilitary wing of an oped column.

Indeed so.

With economists at war and two leading Tory commentators failing to agree, Cameron will have his work cut out convincing us voters that his approach is right.

Perhaps it is best if the election does focus on personality.  The economy is for clever people, who are just confusing us all.

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