22 February 2010

One last word on those pictures and Iain Dale

Having posted on Iain Dale’s decision to publish the photos comparing Gordon Brown to Hitler, we must return to the subject this morning.

Mandrake has an article on the photos.  It is important to note that Iain’s blog is not mentioned as Mandrake's source.

Lord Janner, a barrister, Labour Member of the House of Lords and former President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews has this to say:

I have known Gordon Brown for well over 20 years as a parliamentary colleague and as a friend and can categorically guarantee that these allegations are totally unfounded.

I think we have some laws on defamation that could and should be used where those defamed want to.”

On Iain’s regular Sunday night Podcast, The Seven Day Show, he briefly returns to the subject.  Iain admits (6mins 30 secs in) that his post has caused controversy.  He goes on to say that he probably would not have published the photos if he had been already selected as a Tory candidate.

One last point.  Perhaps the artist and Iain are not aware of Godwin’s Law.

Let’s leave it there.  It’s up to Iain how he handles this matter from here.

Please note: Should anyone come to the wrong conclusions, this blogger holds no religious beliefs whatsoever.

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