15 February 2010

The Spectator has lost its way

Not only do we have Team Cameron to provide us with a few worries at present, but the outpourings at the Spectator are less than helpful to the Tory cause.

Young Fraser Nelson and his troops are very quick to offer advice to Team Cameron, most of which is hardly welcome to the Tory party.  Just last night, Coffee House took much delight in highlighting the Tories latest embarrassment over the wrongly calculated decimal point.  Then, up pops Nelson with his bedtime review, much of it favourable, on that interview.

There has also been other examples recently where, just weeks from the election, the Spectator’s editor has been less than supportive of the Tory party.  There was his Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture and his column in the NoTW yesterday.

Finally, there is a recent cover, which hardly helps the Tories, a party the magazine is supposed to support:

imageNow, we come to the latest sales figures for the last six months of 2009, which are analysed by Stephen Glover in the Indy:

The Spectator, which has been inching ahead for as long as I can remember, lost 8.9 per cent of its circulation, recording a figure 70,300. This is quite a setback.

He continues:

The magazine has slightly lost its way, and it is still too early to say whether it has found it again under its new editor, Fraser Nelson, who replaced Matthew d'Ancona last August.

Glover is right, the magazine has “lost its way”.  Whatever the reasons for the removal of d'Ancona, he would have provided more assured support for the Tories in the crucial pre-election period.

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  1. For me, it lost its way when Boris Johnson became editor and brought in a lot of poor writers, favouring non-entities from his social circle, replacing excellent writers and turning the media reading highlight of the week into a second-rate derivative magazine. It never recovered.