15 February 2010

Keeping an eye on David Miliband

It comes from the Mail, so caution must be urged, but there is more evidence that David Miliband is on manoeuvres.  Our Man is to hold a a series a meetings with Labour activists across the country:

A Labour minister told the Mail that the Foreign Secretary - seen as the Blairite standard bearer in the Cabinet - wants to 'steal a march' on schools spokesman Ed Balls, expected to be the leading candidate of Gordon Brown's allies.

The minister said: 'David has learnt a lot about the hard craft of doing politics in the last few months.

'He wants to make sure that he is ready when the time comes. He's keen to hear what people think. He's much better at working a room.'

Meanwhile over at the Guardian, hung parliament mania breaks out.  Nick Clegg has cleverly ruled out a deal with either Labour or the Tories, but in reality an agreement will be stuck over jobs if the LibDems do, by some quirk of fate, hold the balance of power with Labour as the largest party.

Step forward, one David Miliband:

Then there is the issue of Gordon Brown. Some Lib Dem can even see the possibility of pushing circumstances in which the Queen is forced to ask David Miliband to form a minority government. Miliband is backing a more radical constitutional reform programme, and has a close ally in James Purnell, who last week rebelled against his own party to vote with the Lib Dems on electoral reform. Labour MPs would deeply resent being told by Lib Dems, let alone the Queen, who the Labour prime minister should be. The palace would be wary of involving itself in the choice.

Forget the involvement of HMQ.  Miliband could well emerge under this scenario, and if it means Labour holding onto power their MPs will play ball.

As we have discussed, keep a close eye on Miliband.  Whatever happens at the election, he will be the key Labour figure in the next parliament.

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  1. A spineless, gurning, banana-waving serial coward will be a key Labour figure?

    They really will be utterly broken, won't they?