28 February 2010

The unchanged Tory party

As the Tory party wakes to digest that poll, these small matters will not help one bit:


Last night, the party's frontbench was forced to distance itself from the hard-hitting material, which was put out under the name of Cameron's home affairs spokesman, Andrew Rosindell. It bears a picture of both men, says that immigration has caused a population explosion, and declares "we simply cannot go on like this".

Circulated in Rosindell's Romford constituency, it also suggests that the Tories would impose new transitional controls on the right of nationals of the new EU member states to work in the UK. Such controls already exist for Bulgaria and Romania, but retrospective limits on other eastern European states, such as Poland and the Czech Republic, would be illegal under EU law.

Meanwhile, Loanna Morrison, the Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, who is black, posted a controversial piece on the political blog, Conservativehome. "Britain is full, declares Nick Griffin at every opportunity, and he is right," she wrote.

Then, there is the report in the Indy that speaks for itself:

The Conservatives would abandon Labour's belief that "pumping" money into the most deprived areas is the way to solve Britain's social problems, a rising star of David Cameron's team says today amid signs that the panic-stricken party is turning to the right to curb a fall in the polls.

This is a party that is unchanged, ill-disciplined and doesn't have a coherent strategy to fight the election.  It’s solely dependent on one man and a speech later today, that may well be superseded by events.

The Tories election slogan is:

Vote for Change

The irony is that the voters are indicating that it’s not the change they want.

Cameron may still scramble across the line, but will he have a mandate to govern effectively?

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  1. The Conservatives would abandon Labour's belief that "pumping" money into the most deprived areas is the way to solve Britain's social problems

    Absolutely correct. Pumping money into anything is labour's idea of resolution. They put no thought into where the money goes or what it really does.

    What should be happening is that parents get their responsibility back as it's been stripped from them over the past 13 years. They can't even reprimand their children. Has all the money thrown at this improved our children's lot? No.

  2. That isn't the point of the article.

    I have heard a rumour that there is blind panic in Brighton. All the leading Tory blogs are silent so far today. Speaks volumes.

    What do you think that Brown will do?