12 February 2010

After the op: Yes, lack of sleep is torture

There are a few not-so-wonderful experiences about being in hospital.  The ridiculous time the management choose to wake you up and the constant visits to check that you are OK.  Then you have your first meal and discover it was ordered by the previous patient.  Top of list is when the alarm on the drip thingy goes off in the middle of the night, which informs everyone in earshot that the end is near.

Before all that, a nurse explains the do’s and don'ts:

We would prefer that you didn't use your mobile.

No problem.  Can I stay for a few weeks?  What about browsing the net?

If you must.  What’s so urgent?

Nothing really, but Google Reader doesn't stop for anyone.

What’s that?

After 36 hours of being in another world, the temptation to find out about Gordon Brown’s latest dividing line or the goings on of ‘Not Ready for Government’ party proves too much.

Iain Martin asks:

Is Sleep Deprivation Really Torture?

Yes, Iain.  It is.

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