20 February 2010

SOS message to Gordon Brown

Dear Gordon,

Point 1 - Never ever, in any circumstances, tease the voters about the election date.  This is the second time you have done this and it’s a big mistake.

Point 2 – Do not say that this is your strongest team.  It is not and you know this.

Point 3 – Do not hype an event up when you have nothing new to say.

Point 4 – Avoid using 1997 style New Labour sound bites.  The electorate have moved on.

Point 5 – Do not attack members of Cameron’s team.  That is for others.  You are the Prime Minister.

Point 6 – Do not admit to your own failings.  They are well known.


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  1. Point7 Never enter a conference to that music again, the Mr men theme is more your style.

  2. Well said Howard. It was nauseating his sermon today.