27 February 2010

So far, a Tory fail

Sorry to disturb.

We were given the impression that the Tory party spring conference would set out their vision for the country and convince us all to vote for Our Dave.

What has happened?

All we have had so far is a lot of Brown bashing.

Oh, there is new Cameron video.  What does it all mean?  How does a government make a country family-friendly?

Please send your answers on a postcard.

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  1. Hear bloody hear. The man's a complete fucking waste of skin.

  2. For days all we've heard from you is endless carping. Do you seriously think that retreating into "I'm a true Conservative" dogma is the answer? Look how well that worked in 2001 and 2005!

    Do you actually have a positive, constructive proposal which will get 40% of the British people to support it? Otherwise, all you're doing is helping inflict another 5 years of Brown on us.

    Grow up - this isn't a student debate about ideological purity, it's the future of our country at stake.

  3. Smell the Coffee, I grew up in the 60's. Just thought you should know.