18 February 2010

The Falklands: If only Brown could do a Thatcher


When all about you is falling apart, there is nothing like looking to far away lands to divert attention from the small matters on the home front.

And so it came to pass.  Feed a story to the mainstream media that has been hovering in the background for a while.

Jess the Dog has a good take on what is going on in the waters that surround those islands, the ones we had to reach for a map to locate all those years ago.

Thatcher was lucky.  She moved with speed, after causing the problem in the first place, and eventually her Ronnie came to the rescue.

It is pure coincidence, of course, that this story should hit the headlines on the same day as the dreadful borrowing figures are announced, but that's politics.

The story has done its job.

How Brown wishes he could do as Thatcher did and save his premiership.

It’s rather too late for that.

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  1. No, please; don't encourage the man - he might actually try, and there's no telling what kind of a disaster it would be.

  2. On paper, an Argentinian invasion looks implausible.

    On paper, that is.

    But with Brown at the helm, we would be doooommmeeedd!!!!!! We'd probably lose Gibralter, the Isle of Wight, the Isle of Man and the Isle of Dogs as well.