24 February 2010

Labour should drop this nasty stuff

imageAccording to Mandrake, Labour officials claim that Samantha Cameron is “lazy”:

Briefing against her has already begun.

Much will be made of Sarah’s charity work and journalists will be encouraged to make comparisons with the amount of work that Mrs Cameron does for charity.

Is ‘substance’ to take a back seat?

The election will nasty enough, without bringing the wives into play.

It’s this type of smearing that turns the voters off. 

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1 comment:

  1. If this is true it is disgusting, I have seen nothing to suggest that Mrs. Cameron is anything but a decent person and a good wife and mother while maintaining her career and keeping her own counsel. This is especially harsh when they both had to get over the shock of the terrible disabilities and them recent death of their first born child. Anyone could see how devoted to him they were. I used to like Sarah Brown finding her a refreshing change after the odious Cherie but no longer. Her celebrity chasing is tasteless, especially given her choice of friends and her desperate attempts to make her husband appear normal is pretty pathetic but typical of him to hide behind his wife's skirt.