19 February 2010

James Purnell: Good therapy on a bad day for the Labour party

The worst possible news hit the Labour party like a thunderbolt today with the resignation of James Purnell. 

He is a huge loss to the Blairite team who know how to win elections.  It leaves David Miliband very isolated, but we should not give up hope that he will succeed Gordon Brown.  He is the only viable alternative.  Purnell should have been part of The Dream Team.

Anyway, console yourselves.  Tune in now and watch a rerun of the February 1974 election.  Wilson, a four-times-winner, knew how to it, just as Blair did many years later.

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  1. Frankly Milliband has the personality of Uriah Heep and the charm of a facefull of cold semolina. The Israelis are treating Him like an irritating fly, if the Labour party want a fresh start they'll have to move away from the cabinet, none of whom has any credibility, Purnell is a huge loss for them.

  2. If he is so into socialism, perhaps he should encourage other Labour MPs to "come out in sympathy" and do us all a favour.

    As for Miliboy, I think he is much less charismatic than poor old Uriah!

  3. I am very upset. We cannot afford to lose such a man.

    Like you, I hope that David Miliband becomes leader. Ed Balls appears to think that the crown will be donated to him once GB goes. What a nightmare. I am already in despair at the leadership although Peter Mandelson has stopped some of the extremes (toffs etc)and there appears to be some attempt to attract the middle class. Sadly, I think it may be too little too late.

  4. The role that Mandelson will now play post the election becomes very important. I will have some thoughts on this tomorrow.