12 February 2010

Both a ‘Daily Politics’ interview and the Tory plans for Government are not there

One of the pleasures of being in hospital is observing the everyday life in the ward.  It’s like watching a re-run of the hospital scenes from Dennis Potter’s masterpiece, “The Singing Detective”.

As a diversion from this spectacle, there is always daytime TV.  Some of it really quite good and much better than the peaktime offerings we have to endure.  The star of each morning is Andrew Neil, who does enjoy himself at the expense of others.

Yesterday, a surgeon and an army of assistants (what do they all do?) decided that TV watching was not a number one priority.  It didn't matter.  There is always the iPlayer, or better still, the highlights on the Daily Politics website, both which were not available from a hospital bed.  No matter.

John Rentoul, who clearly hadn't watched the programme either, provides a transcript of an interview with Phillip Hammond.  All good stuff.  How much better to watch the entertainment, but it is not there.  Most odd.  How can this top-notch blogger make such an error?

All is explained.  John linked from Tom Harris’s blog, who had to update his post.

Anyway, it’s John’s conclusion that matters:

First 100 days planning document going well, then?

As with everything else, Team Cameron's plans are not going well at all.

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  1. Mmm

    Dennis Potter eh?

    Getting lubed up are we?