01 February 2010

How will Labour deal with Andrew Rawnsley’s book?

Following the splash story in the Mail on Sunday, where we were given further examples of Gordon Brown’s techniques in people management, we now discover the paper hasn't even seen the book.  This is a small matter, and certainly is to the Mail.

There is little doubt that Andrew Rawnsley’s ‘The End of the Party’ will be packed full of thermo-nuclear devices aimed at Downing Street.  As previously mentioned, this is not a book Alastair Campbell will be promoting.

We only have to wait until 1 March, or maybe for the serialisation a week or so beforehand, for the explosion.  The date, however, should be of some concern to the folk in Labour’s election planning war room.

If Brown goes to the country on 25 March, then the book comes out during the election campaign.  If he goes for 6 May, the book comes out a few weeks before the starting gun is fired.  Either way, this is not good news for Our Dear Leader.  So, what to do?

Stand-by.  Can we expect the book to be extensively discredited before it hits the streets?

Perhaps Rawnsley’s publishers should have thought about that.

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