01 February 2010

Blair is going to have to say it again and again

This is getting tiresome.  According to a report in The Guardian, Sir John Chilcot is to summon Tony Blair back not once, but twice.  Apparently, Sir John is unhappy “about his evidence relating to the legality of the invasion”.  The other small matter, to do with intelligence, will be held in private.

So, now we have both lawyers and non-lawyers not best pleased with Blair's evidence.  It will remain that way until they get the answers they want.

Tom Harris is right when he concludes:

So we can talk all we want about the legality or otherwise of the Iraq invasion and war, and no doubt we will. But if you think that’s what the controversy is all about, you’re dead wrong. It’s about the politics. It’s always been about the politics.

Officials and lawyers advise.  Ministers and clients decide.  Get it.

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