05 February 2010

Brown and the law of diminishing returns

Well, you would never guess.  Gordon Brown’s little chat with Piers Morgan is being turned into a full blown pre-election event.  Alastair Campbell will be advising the non-communicator how to handle the soft balls that his friend will gently throw at him:

He should be himself. If he's a bit grumpy, be grumpy, if he's feeling cheery, be cheery. It would be a great opportunity for Gordon to engage in a different way from how he's normally filtered and portrayed through the media. If Gordon answers the question and is authentic and says things as they are, the public will engage in that.

Campbell doesn't get.  There is little chance that the public will engage.  The more Brown appears on the TV for one of these stage-managed events, the less beneficial it will be for the Labour party and Brown.

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