07 February 2010

Cameron and the “fundamental flaw”

Tim Montgomerie finally catches up with Matthew Parris’s piece in The Times, which some of us more alert folk have already discussed.  The chairman of the “We know what's best for Dave gang” announces there is a “fundamental flaw” with Parris’s argument and Cameron must set out his plans in detail:

There is only one way that Cameron can be confident that the Lords (controlled by Labour, LibDem and Crossbench* peers) will pass his agenda and that will be to include reasonably specific policy pledges in the manifesto. By convention the Lords is then required to pass them. If not specified in the manifesto, the Lords can block them.

As the polls narrow, can you seriously imagine Cameron pacing his office in blind panic muttering to himself, “I must be more specific otherwise I will not get my policies through the Lords”. 

Blair didn't concern himself with such nonsense before 1997.  He just won the election, then created a few peers and politely informed them to do what they were told.

Cameron will just repeat the exercise.

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