07 February 2010

Prescott is no match for the Queen

imageA photoshopped Pauline Prescott, wife of John and Elizabeth Taylor look-a-like, has her memoirs serialised in the Mail on Sunday.

In 1977 the Queen visits Hull and husband John shoots his mouth off in his usual way, making it plain that he will not bow to HMQ:

Having read or heard that John had said he wouldn’t bow to her, she probably thought: ‘Right, Prescott, I’ll get you.’

Stepping towards him, with her head down, she spoke in a very low voice. ‘Are there three MPs in Hull?’ she virtually whispered. John had to lower his head to hear what she had said. ‘Pardon, Ma’am?’

At that point, 100 camera lenses clicked and whirred and the photograph that appeared everywhere was of my John bowing to the Queen.

Well, at least he didn't punch her.

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