12 July 2009

Tebbit gives Cameron a helping hand

It would appear that being and remaining loyal is irreconcilable to membership of the House of Lords. Lord Tebbit on Andy Coulson:

Cameron has talked a lot about ‘detoxifying’ the Conservative brand.  Perhaps he should now think about a ‘detoxification’ of his own office.

The Brown bunker will be very grateful for this sound bite.

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  1. wonderfulforhisageJuly 12, 2009 at 10:01 AM

    I agree with Lord T.

    The focus of Central Office is spin and image management, not a policy in sight apart from vapid waffle about change and modernisation.

    And now we true c(C)onservatives are being insulted with the oxymoron Progressive Conservative.

    The Party made a huge mistake in electing Cameron. They were mesmerised by Blair's smoke and mirrors and chose a PR man rather than a leader.

    So now we are suffering the 'leadership' of (in order of importance) Hilton, Boy George, Cameron and Coulson. God help us all when they ponce into power.

  2. Not sure that entirley agree but I am beginning to have my doubts. See my later post Coulson's role.