20 July 2009

Dannatt finally speaks about his no show

Following Dannatt’s no show on Marr, he has issued a statement:

There have been a number of assertions made in recent paper and broadcast coverage that have misrepresented my actions and motives in relation to both my personal, and the MoD's, ongoing dialogue with Downing Street on Afghanistan resourcing.

I have therefore decided, given the over-politicised and often misinformed nature of this coverage, to withdraw from my planned appearance on The Andrew Marr Show. To be absolutely clear, this is my decision and my decision alone.

Far be it for me to question the General’s integrity, but surely a little birdie from Downing Street must has whispered in his ear?

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1 comment:

  1. He has made his point and got the Govt. to commit to extra resources. No point in continuing to fight a fight that he has already won.

    Let's make sure they don't backslide during the overlong Parliamentary recess.