29 July 2009

Brown doesn't throw mobile phones

I apologise in advance, but in August one does have to dig around for the odd story and even on occasion link to Kevin Maguire, Brown’s representative at the Mirror.  Today, he has a typically well agued and intellectually robust piece:

For the record, Brown doesn't throw mobile phones.

No. 10 officials say he's more of a sweeper, clearing tables with a swing of his arm, or pushing chairs across the floor, when the red mist comes down.

And then this thought provoking remark:

Refreshing Labour in office was a tough enough task before the errors and international events way beyond the PM's control.

Refreshing Labour in office!  What is he referring to?

Then this:

Yet Brown's very resilience, an unshakeable belief that he can win, is his greatest strength.

…and Labour's biggest weakness.

Tell me, does Maguire draw a salary to write such drivel?

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