16 July 2009

The best sound you will hear today

You can tell the long Parliamentary recess is nearly here.  There are no fewer than 53 ministerial statements today.

Here are two announcements that should catch your eye:

1. Remember long ago when people were still listening to Brown he announced that there would be 10 eco towns.  The reality is, as with everything Brown, that there will be no such number.  Four schemes are being announced today, none of which will start until 2016;

2. Lookout for the defence select committee’s report on the lack of helicopters in Afghanistan.  It will express concern that operational commanders in Afghanistan have to use ground transport. It says helicopters would be preferable in terms of the outcome and the protection of our forces.

Anyway, the best sound you will hear today is the one of leather on willow.  It is that start of the Lord’s Test match.  A much more important event than anything Brown chooses to conjuror up.

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1 comment:

  1. If it's not cricket it's golf. I'm off out for the afternoon!