19 July 2009

Our public servants are well cared for

Rest assured, our public servants are well looked after.

Exhibit 1 – The Ministry of Justice employ 970 HR staff out of a total of 3,680 officials.

Exhibit 2 - Department for Work and Pensions employ 400 HR staff out of a total of 5,650 officials.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice says:

It is "unable to reconcile" the figures, which were compiled by the Office for National Statistics, with its own "management information".

Whatever that may mean.

One can only assume that it is not only in Downing Street that mobile phones and printers take to the air.

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1 comment:

  1. Holy cow! The boss runs HR for the EMEA wing of a multi-national and looks after 1500 employees with a team of less than 10. That's a relatively small number, but given that this spans about 25 countries, each with different HR legislation, I can't help but feel these HR empires are a bit excessive!