15 July 2009

Gordon’s “own goal” day

They must be running out of mobiles in the bunker as Brown prepares himself to get hit for six at PMQs today:

1. Unemployment rises to 281,000 to 2.38 million;

and the U-turns galore:

2. Brown backs down over powers of new MPs' expenses watchdog;

3. The government has climbed down over plans to make people show passports for travel between Britain and Ireland;

4. The government has suffered a defeat in the Lords where peers have backed plans for an independent commissioner for terrorist suspects;


5. Mandy admits Labour will make 'a decade of cuts' or ‘constraints’ as he now calls them;


6. Lord Darzi has had enough;

Oh, and then the implied criticism from the man that should be PM:

7. Alan Johnson has said he agrees too much time and effort was spent trying to get a 42-day terror detention limit through Parliament.

The young lady who was ‘so nervous’ on meeting Brown yesterday should keep a low profile today.  Her boss may be experiencing violent mood swings.

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