27 July 2009

Keeping fit for Carla


The mix of a short older man and a younger beautiful woman was never going to work.  Poor Nicolas, who must spend his every waking hour dreading the day when Carla's eyes start wandering, is not eating and is forever exercising to keep his aging body in trim.

Yesterday, on a hot and humid afternoon just outside Paris, Sarkozy goes for a jog to burn off the Sunday lunch and faints.

These men, they never learn.  Carla must be worried sick, as we all are.  The G8 and G20 may never be the same again.

Let us hope he gets well soon, so Carla can continue to dominate the gatherings of the great and the good.

In the meantime, the good old French taxpayer will have to foot the bill for the welcome home.  Carla will be spending a further £600 on flowers.

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1 comment:

  1. But what about a rich shorter older man Howard? It's certainly not a match made in heaven and I still wonder why she bothered, although to give her credit, she's taken on the role with some panache.