30 July 2009

Doing it the Alan Johnson way

While Brown is busy on the phone cocking matters up, Alan Johnson is slowly, efficiently dealing with the bad apples that have been building up at the Home Office.  First, there was the U-turn on ID Cards and now:

The home secretary has agreed to release unseen documents relating to the 1989 Hillsborough disaster. Alan Johnson told the mothers of three of the 96 victims of his decision at a meeting today. The release of the documents, in co-operation with South Yorkshire police, will be co-ordinated by the Hillsborough Independent Panel, which is to be set up soon. The panel could start sifting through the paperwork in September. The Home Office said the documents would be made available to the families first because they many contain sensitive information about the final minutes of the victims' lives.

While everybody else rushes around making speeches; appearing on Newsnight; saying there will be a TV leaders debate during the election; and appearing on obscure radio stations, here we have Alan Johnson quietly getting on with the necessary business of government and achieving results.

This man could go far.  Now where have I heard that before!

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