17 July 2009

Labour’s summer of love kicks off


The picture tells you everything you need to know.

James Purnell has given an exclusive interview to the Guardian, which appears on Saturday.

On his resignation:

The moment when it became a really simple decision to take was when I stopped worrying about what exactly would be the consequences of different things and when I realised I just had to be true to myself. I couldn't go on the telly the following morning and say something I couldn't believe.

He calls for Labour to stop looking back to the late 1990’s:

All those Blairite, New Labour labels ... for me it's a bit like Britpop – I feel nostalgic for it, it was absolutely right for its time, but that time was 1994.

There will be more tomorrow from Purnell as Labour starts the long march to the autumn conference and the decision on the leadership that has to be made.

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