30 July 2009

The Iraq inquiry: Nothing to see here for many months. Move along

Sir John “I’ll do my way” Chilcot launched the Iraq inquiry this morning.  My humble predictions:

  • The final report will not be published until early 2011;
  • The inquiry will not start to take evidence until later this year at the earliest;
  • There will be no interim report;
  • No senior politician, including one T Blair, will be called to give evidence this side of the election;

No question that Chilcot won all the arguments with Brown on how the inquiry will be conducted.  But there will be nothing to see here for many months and after the election the clattering train would have moved on.

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1 comment:

  1. I should be gardening you know and not reading this blog!

    Chilcott has said today Blair will be called but of course not when. Wonder if he'll actually appear and not come up with a sicknote.

    Rose Gentle, the mother of the young Scots soldier who was killed, was on Radio Scotland just a minute ago. Chilcott has asked her and other parents of the dead, to come to London and speak to him about what they want from the inquiry. Of course she's going - she not intimidated by these people.

    So he seems to mean business, but all these things start off a little like this.

    Haven't heard anything about the timing.