26 July 2009

Brown acts like a general, but the troops aren't happy

This is desperate stuff.  As I discussed, Labour strategists do plan to keep Brown away from the cameras in August in the hope that absence will improve his ratings, according to Martin Ivens.  Nevertheless, so we don’t forget about Our Dear Leader, he has given an interview to the Sunday Mirror where he lays it on the line to the Labour party:

We’ve got to show that we are a disciplined party getting on with the work of Government. I think people are very clear that we’ve got a task ahead. We’ve got work to do to prepare for the autumn.

My attention is focused on what I can do for the country. I will not be diverted.

If the Mail on Sunday is to be believed these words didn't reach the desk of all Labour MP’s :

The Mail on Sunday has been told that the 'guerrilla MPs' would start resigning at staged intervals throughout the summer and autumn, forcing a series of by-elections which Mr Brown would almost certainly lose.

The pressure on the Prime Minister to step down would then become irresistible.

Some MPs are even said to be considering quitting both their seats and the Labour Party and standing for re-election as independent candidates on a 'Brown must go' platform.

Up pops Barry Sheerman again:

If we are not careful, a number of MPs could leave their seats in the coming weeks and months and face by-elections because they are fed up with what is going on - and then we would be in real trouble.

Don’t your eyes roll over when you read this stuff?  Ian Gibson was a one off.  End of story.  In addition, MPs will be sacrificing a great deal of money by taking the by-election route.

Expect more of these briefings during the silly season.  The Mail on Sunday and Labour MPs will have to try harder if they are to have an ounce of credibility.

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  1. To be honest, the country would run better if all these hangers on went to the Lakes with Gordon rather than sit in their ivory towers spewing this nonsense.